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Turning can’ts into cans and dreams into plans

“Working exclusively with Women to drive success in their career and beyond” 

An experienced Executive Coach and mentor with over 20 years of corporate experience. My passion is to support and challenge you to achieve the dreams you never thought possible.

Free 30 minute strategy session


Companies with more female board members outperform others by 53%, yet there are only 8 female CEO’s in the UK’s Top 100 companies
Research from Involve

In 2018, found that you are more likely to be a CEO in the FTSE100 called Steve, or Dave, than a female CEO

Jo Phillips talks life on your terms

A High impact, high energy, critical thinking partner, allowing you to release the potential you never dared dream you had. Known for holding you accountable, whilst supporting you every step of the way, to create the transformational changes that you so deserve.

  • Discover the roots of your problems
  • Achieve happiness within months

1:1 Exclusively Coaching Women

If you’ve recently tried for a promotion, and been declined? If you know you’re underpaid but don’t know how to implement a pay equity strategy, or you have decided it’s time to move onto a new employer, and want to get ahead without the need for time-wasting through recruitment agencies…I’m your woman.

Qualified and certified coach (not you’re average coach) I have 20 plus years experience in the corporate world, and I know how it feels to see the same homogenous white, male middle-aged faces be promoted above you.

I know the implications and impact on your confidence when you’ve been talked over again in another meeting, and I know how it feels to be more capable than your male counterparts but just can’t seem to get the opportunity to showcase your skills.

This is solutions-focused, 1-2-1 coaching, providing you a safe thinking space to turn problems into challenges, and thoughts into actions. We will work together to create abundant options to achieve the success you desire in your work and beyond.

This is a 12-week process, and you will be surprised just how quickly you get the results you desire!!


Team Coaching

Jo will bespoke the coaching, to invigorate, enthuse and ensure your team is cohesive by assisting them to reconnect. Dissolving boundaries, delivering positivity with an agreed unified commitment to success. Focussing on the need for women to self-promote, to excel as part of a mixed team, find sponsorship, and turn allies into advocates.



Build confidence and exercise the muscle of self-promotion by booking a corporate, or peer session #IamRemarkable confidence building workshop.


Life On Your Terms

My signature programme ‘Expert Life Coaching – Reset & Radiate’ is a 12-week programme, specifically researched and written with you in mind.


Practice the Pause

Before you react, book a ‘triage’ session with Coach Jo and that will allow you to respond in a considered and precise manner to the circumstances, which can only positively impact the business or the circumstances.


Daily Programs

Check out my LinkedIn tips and join my Facebook group, crownfixxer for free guides and information.

Personalised Plan

Let’s look at exactly what your individual obstacles and challenges are, then by working together I will be your critical thinking partner to help you reframe and radiate confidence.

Team Coaching

You’ve tried the meetings, you’ve tried additional 1-2-1’s, you’ve sent more info and yet nothing has really changed. Imagine having a reinvigorated, enthused successful team.

One-To-One Coaching

You haven’t experienced it before and you don’t know what to expect, book a free 30-minute consultation and let me show you just how powerful this process is.

Wellness Goals

You’ve tried self help books, you’ve talked until you feel like you’re moaning to friends and relatives and you’re still stuck. Get yourself back on track – sometimes we all need an expert, just for a short time to help us to understand ourselves better.


This 90-minute free, content-rich workshop, crammed full of academic research and studies, challenging gender bias and social norms, coupled with discussing the need for diversity and inclusion culminating in listening to individual achievements.

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