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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Team Coaching

Coach Jo is a certified Systemic team coach, trained by Professor Peter Hawkins, a trail blazer in the world of team coaching and Jo has been assessed and is now certified and licensed to run systemic team coaching.

Coupled with a 20 year background in L&D, this allows Jo to provide you and your team a breadth of knowledge, conducted with empathy, and executed with enthusiasm that is infectious to aid the women in your organisation to thrive.

Jo’s passion is assisting women, to be more confident, to own their career journey and to be amazing at verbally communicating their achievements. This helps women break down bias, create strong reputations and start the path toward leadership.

Jo has developed a 3 step programme for SME’s who are passionate about supporting women to become leaders. Here’s why you need to access this coaching.

Catalyst, a not-for-profit research agency – shows a strong link between the presence of women on boards and corporate reputations. Female directors serve as role models, and therefore improve female employees’ performance and boost companies’ images. Several rating agencies and investment funds, such CalPERS, and PAX world, use the extent of gender diversity as one of their investment criteria.

Experts believe that companies with women directors deal more effectively with risk. Not only do they better address the concerns of customers, employees, shareholders and the local community, but also tend to focus on long-term priorities. Women directors are likely to be more in tune with women’s needs than men, which helps to develop successful products and services. After all, women drive 80% of the purchases.

“Sme’s need a women’s champion to give them access to the information insight, and changes that can ultimately assist women to become leaders”

Coaching, specifically designed for women, by a passionate women’s champion


STAND UP – Fact-based and research-driven giving women the facts behind their experiences, empowering them to recognise their unique achievements, and start to understand how to communicate them in the workplace.

SPEAK UP – The practical application, as to how to frame your accomplishments, so that people listen to you and enjoy hearing your story. We launch into the mindset that’s required to make this happen and then cover practical tips for smashing that 1-2-1, review or meeting.

STEP UP – Combining the research and practical methods, step up focuses on planning career trajectory, and aims for the next 12-18 months participants create their step-by-step plan for succeeding within your organisation.

All 90 Minute sessions, and brilliant for a Lunch & Learn








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I can help you as a business to identify the core reasons for the team cohesion being fractured

FFC Team Coaching will:

Help you as a business to identify the core reasons for the team cohesion being fractured

Create options to assist your team in reconnecting as a team, so many people feel bruised at the moment, everyone has a slightly different experience and therefore perspective and we remove those boundaries to help your team re connect positively and with a unified commitment.

Identify an overarching objective that the entire team can work towards – a team isn’t a team without a collective objective and these become fractured, diluted and at times almost forgotten.

Part of this work is about re-establishing and if necessary recreating the overarching goals, and communicating them and their benefits so clearly, this allows team members to see just how they can contribute and each be valued.

Provide an accurate and detailed journey, by discussing, documenting, communicating and opening up the journey for all to create and be part of, and this leads to long lasting changes for the team which will assist the business in surpassing their goals

Enable a fresh approach for the team and its objectives, by challenging the current status quo and asking team members to stretch themselves to see their involvement for what it is and asks everyone to commit to more listening, and more involvement and this will assist on a greater buy-in to the overall objectives

By using fresh futures, you will have an impartial coach, listening, challenging, clarifying and focusing team members and individuals to achieve more than they thought possible.

Motivating, encouraging and supporting the entire journey with a knowledgeable, experienced and qualified hand at the helm.

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I can help you in a few short weeks drive change and supercharge your team’s successes.

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Trained by the industry leader himself Peter Hawkins, In Systemic Team Coaching using the TC360 diagnostic tool and certified to the highest level, having worked in Industry L&D for 20 years I can help you in a few short weeks drive change and supercharge your team’s successes.

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