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Coach Jo is full of enthusiasm energy and conversation. With 20 years in L&D in a demanding people-led industry Jo has plenty of first-hand experience listening and developing individuals’ managers and their teams. Working to the highest professional standards Jo combines her positivity and knowledge into a powerful mix of support and challenge at equal measure.

Jo combines her positivity and knowledge into a powerful mix of support and challenge in equal measure.

My aim is to help every individual that I work with 1-2-1, to have the self belief that their goals and dreams are possible.

To work with teams to develop and motivate them to become the powerful, productive amazing team that they are capable of being.

Creating road maps with Leaders of today to build sustainable, profitable, reputable businesses of tomorrow.

Jo is pragmatic, kind, empathetic and experienced. She has a huge sense of pride about the work that she does and is committed to each individual client, which is why she takes no more than 5 on at any one time. Jo carefully designs and cultivates the sessions to be lead by each client; this is your journey, Jo simply has the pleasure of facilitating it.

Areas of Expertise


  • Eliminating limited beliefs
  • Creating confidence to make decisions quickly that will be impactful
  • Realising your values and living life to those values
  • Unblocking your thinking to release your full potential
  • Assistance with gaining promotions
  • Talking with confidence within the work place and beyond
  • Helping you to overcome your limiting beliefs to increase sales
  • Build effective relationships with your peers and your teams
  • Assist you to manage upwards communication more effectively
  • Create a mindset that will allow you to make decisions easily and in a balanced fashion

I am passionate about your evolution and it’s my intention to assist you to evolve so hard that people have to get to know you again. I believe that people have it within themselves to create any future, any agenda any desires they can imagine, and it’s my role to help you to get there. Turning can’ts into cans and dreams into plans.

Relevant Awards

ILMl7 Executive Coach & Mentor
Systemic Team Coach TC360 expert
Google #IamRemarkable Ambassador
QBE 20 years Learning and development

Mission Statement

My mission is that every client I work with leaves my sessions with a greater insight than when they arrived and that as a result they see their problems become challenges, and therefore create abundant solutions.

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